🥃 🌅 https://t.co/EgKYu9znqI

@1111Resolver A https://t.co/zqs4KHqswt

Hello world

Its amazing, this is my fourth blog. I have had a wordpress blog, a custom django blog, a custom rails blog, and now this is hosted on jeckel. Im sure I wont update this often, but I figured I needed a refresh.

Using hub to script the creation of some pull requests feels like a win! https://t.co/3J1zLFomUg

Best thing about @hubba and @HubbaDev we are always improving!

Super amazing to have more contributors to curdy https://t.co/uxNIW6Do3e even if they are my @hubba @HubbaDev cowor… https://t.co/GNQry6vIs8

Really annoying that the only way to cancel my @5FourClub subscription was over the phone. Any recommendations for… https://t.co/MKrAicGrmk

I made a mistake. TIL don’t ask google to brodcast e https://t.co/wwbvgcb44F

Happy Hollidays https://t.co/ed7aTFn2Kx

👵🎁 @ Mono, Ontario https://t.co/h4u867BYm5

@kentf @StellarOrg Correct. I sent u the account on slack

@kentf we are running out of @StellarOrg #lumens to run #zifcoin.

@telus been on hold for an hour and forty minutes, I just want my 10 gigs of data for $60!

RT @BardishKW: Proud to join @NavdeepSBains at @Hubba to announce the launch of the Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative – making $400M avai…

@CloudAMQP fix your login! So many people have issues with it. I can only login via oauth.

ok google you are not very good when more than one speaker hears me. @googlecanada @googlecloud #GoogleHome

@lianne1017 @hubba @lianne1017 @hubba thank you all, you are all amazing!

@digitalocean You guys rock! Amazing customer support even on a free teeshirt https://t.co/iz9j6pzbEp #Hacktoberfest

🐶📆 @ Mono, Ontario https://t.co/jkYDaWFb8s

Got a Google Home … now I really want to switch back to Android

Check out my @nodeknockout submission, a flakey history. https://t.co/p9gNhTSIvx A little ambitious but it was fun… https://t.co/aPRCrnkXne

RT @nodeknockout: It&#39s go time! #NKO2017 starts RIGHT NOW! Start coding everyone! You have 48 hours left :)

@TekSavvyCSR @lianne1017 @lianne1017 @_adamhutch Internet came back on this morning. You guys rock!

@Marketaire @TekSavvyNetwork @TekSavvyCSR @TekSavvyBuzz Agreed. It seems Rogers is at fault. Still super annoying.

@TekSavvyNetwork @TekSavvyCSR @TekSavvyBuzz 3 time you have been down in 2 weeks. Toronto queens quay west. 😕

🎲 @hubba @ Hubba https://t.co/2lJUzwmKtA

@CloudAMQP love the service, sadly your support team is slow to respond to emails.

🌃 @ Toronto, Ontario https://t.co/ixHTph6r4w

☕️🍽🍳 @ Le Petit Déjeuner https://t.co/xMYu2F60Ey

@TekSavvyBuzz @TekSavvyNetwork No internet today. Any idea what’s happening?

🎲 @getplanswell @ Planswell https://t.co/afiuBcR4D8

⛰🐐 @ Toronto Zoo https://t.co/YY72Mzb3RY

@newrelic this https://t.co/UtSphstSDq gave me a good chuckle

Second time that @TekSavvyBuzz has lowered the price of my internet https://t.co/rly3O4E7N1! You guys rock! #teksavvy

❗️ @ CN Tower / La Tour CN https://t.co/VXG1si9oWG

Its a small pr but I guess this makes me a contributor to node core. #NodeInteractive @nodejs https://t.co/6h0VR5sOLT

Turns out I am British! 😜 https://t.co/iizTCNgURv #23andme

🦃 @ Mono, Ontario https://t.co/eajIgkBVQJ

I called your customer support and resolved the issue super fast. Totally not @Airbnb’s fault. https://t.co/tgYuLRGsCv

Had a small issue with @Airbnb checkout. They sent me a gift instead of a coupon. Would love to see the a/b tests on that.

💦⤵@ 🏞️ @ Goldstream Provincial Park https://t.co/C3NSrvKJ6b

Just posted a photo @ Beechey Head https://t.co/1xKE1wYwSr

Any idea when the fix will be out? https://t.co/DrQnfl8NEn

@RBC @RBC_Canada @AskRBC totally unable to use Touch ID with the RBC app on the iPhone 8. Such a disappointment.

?? @ CC Lounge https://t.co/jNQlCKCHHx

@FiveFour Amazing support as always https://t.co/9cWHspbYP6 https://t.co/3ekjlrUpe2

@movesapp your app seems to crash a lot on the #iphone8

@FiveFour normally your shirts fit me so well. This looks better on my gf than me. https://t.co/DRiSCBvGN7

🖤🏙 @ Centre Island https://t.co/5jO3TItR6R

@gmail thanks for fixing this so fast!

We have fun with @SlackHQ at @hubba! https://t.co/7fTOI2VZil Happy Birthday @LeighaNotLeia!

@google @gmail Did Gmail really just double send an email on me? https://t.co/nY5B7p6dD6

#⃣️😏 https://t.co/ojYIp13CB3

@github bad deploy? https://t.co/psH22MblSU https://t.co/90n3525PXk

@herokustatus @heroku is #redis down again? Second time in a week! https://t.co/Tp8nELAInp

@herokustatus looks like redis is down https://t.co/qdM00OG9r7 https://t.co/X7PjzN75zx @heroku

git 🍒⛏️

RT @newrelic: Welcome to the future of your digital business. RT this for a chance to win a FREE ticket to #FutureStack! T&C&#39s https://t.co…

RT @newrelic: RT down below for a chance to win! 👇🏽 https://t.co/3c7YZ2k9EJ

@nexxylove @heroku roses are red violets are blue @heroku is great and so are you? Did I win?

the aggregation of my aggregate is aggregating – julian

Using whitespace characters to make empty facebook posts, so satisfying " "

RT @Ben_Zifkin: Shared a few thoughts this morning about Amazon vs. Walmart. Thanks for the chat @JonErlichman and @amberkanwar. https://t.…

StudioT3 #mdbw17 https://t.co/2uXotUJT1c

SWAG https://t.co/poezPwMiFX #MDBW17 #EasterEgg thanks for the tip @LeighaNotLeia now to catch our flights!

RT @HillaryClinton: People in covfefe houses shouldn&#39t throw covfefe. https://t.co/M7oK5Z6qwF

Great thing about @hubba is we get to open source stuff https://t.co/DLvoj71aNJ. If anyone has any feedback I would love it. @HubbaDev

ActiveRecord is to ActiveAdmin as Mongoose is to ?


RT @iamdevloper: Pull requests: - 3 files have changed > 25 comments in conversation - 40 files have changed > LGTM!


@HubbaDev more open source at #hubba https://t.co/TUA1SDxLtJ. Way to go @S3r3n1tyGrant

Happy pi day!

@hubba @hubba We just open sourced a thing: Mongoose Vicks Vapo Rub https://t.co/E93tee5muP! Give mongo durable commits.

AWS down but https://t.co/ziAqqQr4s8 is still up ಠ_ಠ

RT @etorrejon: No more high-level radiation or mysterious mouse evil spirits for me… not anymore, at least! #mouseEvilSpirits @pszaf @stpeh…

Wow #mongoose https://t.co/jjPpQhTkzA what a bug!

RT @JustinTrudeau: Tonight, Canadians grieve for those killed in a cowardly attack on a mosque in Quebec City. My thoughts are with victims…

RT @JustinTrudeau: To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our stren…

Pride Toronto should welcome police participation: Editorial https://t.co/qpuMcdqaJi via @torontostar

who brings 5 pounds of vitamins with them when they fly?

Was one of @BarackObama&#39s daughters missing at his goodbye speech?

Battery life on the new macs sucks so #apple ditches the “battery time remaining” estimate. https://t.co/KlalkNqDsq @TechCrunch

@robertpeacock22 new office?

Christmas present from mom and dad https://t.co/JESPbUaXmf 🤣❤️🎄 #LegoAddiction

RT @frantasticx: 🐈 A year of cats! #torontocatrescue 🐈 https://t.co/4MJyI8PtZf

RT @Snowden: …thanks? https://t.co/5bQXcAr1v7

RT @hubba: Hack Week. @HubbaDev thinking about new ways to make things better @blamebento starts everything worthwhile with a design #hub…

Looks like @amazonca is having issues, cant buy anything https://t.co/oJZH4bNWHG https://t.co/CJfsjdNkPU

RT @iamdevloper: 10 Things You’ll Find Shocking About Asynchronous Operations: 3. 2. 7. 4. 6. 1. 9. 10. 5. 8.

RT @SlackHQ: Little known fact, apparently: You can hold down shift while choosing your emoji reactions to add multiple reacji at once. #Sl…

We made the @WSJ https://t.co/AeoUwVuxlU congrats to all my teammates at @hubba

RT @ericschmidt: Trusted Contacts: a personal safety app by @Google, helping you stay safe in times of concern https://t.co/OpAorYGzph

Anyone have any nice #javascript #mixin #tutorials? #octothorpeFTW

I made these six doodles. A neural network guessed all of them correctly. #aiexperiments #quickdraw https://t.co/Hm8GR7mUnp

@shazow I use @monosnap and it works great for me!

@kitsched thanks, I will check it out, are you using it?

I&#39m at #androidto today. Thanks @hubba @HubbaDev

@TekSavvyCSR dsl

@TekSavvyNetwork Internet seems to be slow today, in Toronto. I am located at Queens Quay and Spadina. Anything wong on your end?

@kitsched @CoverallsApp never did. I think they are dead. Going to rip them out today and stop paying.

Second book in a row this has happened with @audible_com both times at the end of the book. So frustrating. https://t.co/dxAGAEWt4c

is iMessage out of sync across devices for anyone else? #appleevent

@CoverallsApp Messaged support 4 days ago re this error https://t.co/9hSVfheMKI still no response :(

@monosnap Having more hosting issues today seeing a bunch of upload errors

@CoverallsApp Im getting an error when generating test coverage, reached out to support, no response. Ideas?https://t.co/9hSVfheMKI

RT @Ben_Zifkin: Been 17 years. Forgot how beautiful #Vancouver is. Speaking at a conference to remind people that “You can’t scale in Canad…

@audible_com audio issues with books are extremely annoying. Even worse when I&#39m not on wifi. https://t.co/ybMrOGX215

I find it ironic that ever since I updated to #iOS10 I can only connect to my #Bluetooth headphones if I connect and then disconnect them.

RT @Ben_Zifkin: So proud of the impact the team at LadiesLearningCode is having. As a side note, holy #%*, so cool to see the CN tower purp…

Open google chrome siri https://t.co/JNbfwdF7Sv

@robertpeacock22 they should be punished for thaing up our emergency services.

A fire alarm is always my favorite way to start the day. https://t.co/eYvLT6IKmg

One perks of working at @hubba if finding cool brands like this https://t.co/r2Fq2VN6kP @soundwaveart. Thats just cool!

Whats best for weekend trips out of #Toronto @turo, @Zipcar or @carsharetoronto? I all ready use @car2goToronto for day trips.

Making a test suite more stable is one of the most rewarding bug fixes I do.

Really @googlecalendar no search in your iOS app? 😞

Great to see my new colleges publishing to our tech blog! https://t.co/roNlA0TIEF

First day at @hubba and I got presents!

Moved to @Spotify friend me people https://t.co/byWB9py9BN

Is it worth switching from @google (#googlemusic) to @Spotify? Any easy migration?

Today is my last day at @Joist. I know you guys are going to kill it moving forward. Thanks for everything. Love you guys!

I am amazed how happy a new elevator has made me. Next year Windows? https://t.co/Tr18KaaIrc

Owing a dog == Pokemon go master!

RT @TechCrunch: For Dyson, the 360 Eye robot vacuum is only the beginning https://t.co/nuRKNL2lbA by @etherington https://t.co/SMKLI94VQJ

@carsonp @robertpeacock22 Never had that, where can I pick some up?

@carsonp Now to find the correct tool.

@carsonp Tried that, if you look at the album, it seems it has a screw locking it in, it could just be the paint however that has it stuck.

Trying to figure out how to replace the bulbs in my pot lights. Currently no ideas. https://t.co/aA0N35iFQp

In line for @xdotai artificial intelligence assistant to schedule my meetings. Join the evolution: https://t.co/hBIl83lYFc

@robertpeacock22 yes sir. Just landed

@carsonp 😳

Last day. So sad

RT @steiny: An appeal to everyone I know who works at Twitter, Facebook, Google etc, and for the people who influence them https://t.co/TRB…

Ok phone now you go into the safe for the rest of the day

Enjoying Jamaica. Not enjoying the wifi.

@carsonp nope


@johnbeynon Odd despite the error @heroku seems to have reset the pw all the same. ccing @HerokuDevCenter

@heroku I cant reset the credentials for my follower database, https://t.co/JCUKf7ilWo any ideas?

@orospakr why am I not as poopular as you

Don&#39t Panic! Happy Towel Day! https://t.co/VFLA52PB2O #towelday

@TekSavvyCSR rebooted but seems to be stuck in the same light pattern

@TekSavvyCSR middle light is blinking https://t.co/KnDLiCgTwP

@TekSavvyCSR Cable

@TekSavvyCSR queens quay and spadina!

@TekSavvyCSR down for me or for everyone #toronto

Anyone looking (or know someone who is looking) for a summer IT / Desktop support internship at @joist reach out to me. #Toronto

LPT do not miss garbage and hit cop car when throwing out @redbull if you do, look like you will cry and tell them what @pagerduty is!

@DialSource whats up? It&#39s been over a week and my support email has gone unanswered.

@herokustatus down for just us or everyone? https://t.co/JMJaOztQFE

RT @car2goToronto: It&#39s happening! On your marks, get set…park on-street! #OnStreetParking https://t.co/Yqd7iwj92G

After a rocky start, I have to say support with Bose is slow but amazing! @bose @BoseService

@WhatsApp why in a group chat can I not see who has read other people&#39s messages?

Know any good salesforce devs looking for work in Toronto? Hit me up! @salesforce and @SalesforceDevs I am looking at you! #joist

Github finally launches reactions https://t.co/7eWch13SnF! I like to think I kind of called it https://t.co/V2Yrz2Z3vB!

@BoseService I googled one, not the best customer experience IMO.

@BoseService Sadly this requires a ZIP code https://t.co/cwPmNwxhNy

@Bose Do you really not have a way for me to email support in Canada? Do I really have to call you? Its 2016 :(

@SlackHQ reactions are still by far my favourite feature! Everyone should support them. I am looking at you @github

@WhatsApp WTF is with the spam as of late? https://t.co/asYhMaWQVy

Thanks for all the support you have been giving us both this week and last @getspotio

@orospakr Inbox is not what I want, I want my heroku emails to be marked as read if I have not touched them in a week.

@gmail need a mark as read if I have not read this email in one week filter. @orospakr have you seen anything like this?

Feels good to be coding today! #GorwingSoFast Did I mention we are hiring. https://t.co/cMNdM48GvA

@joist we are growing up, running retargeting ads and everything! https://t.co/tXme2eEdks https://t.co/J9GlCh1yss

@mixpanel we are getting a lot of timeouts again. More api issues?

@carsonp I tried that, both ways https://t.co/mMjob9GtXJ people are still imessaging me, guess I just need to turn imessage on :(

Dam iMessage is hijacking all my txts :(

@_bikeshed it&#39s <my Twitter name>@gmail.com

@_bikeshed can I get a lobst.er invite?

@TELUSsupport Do you know when the servers will be back up?

Switched to @telus today, I go to register and it turns out that the registration servers are down :( https://t.co/Pu7R1nw5JY.

RT @graner: Done! https://t.co/HZu23f21Br - vote for us at https://t.co/5oqzQKPHtb @railsrumble

I just bought: Cheapass Sunglasses Clubmaster Premium Quality Women Men Color Variations by Cheapass… via @amazon https://t.co/MHZNjgtwCC


Quadcoptering! https://t.co/tRE8ufcKXo Can you spot it?

I am clearly losing my mind http://t.co/FfWEU2lsM4

Dam you @robertpeacock22 sadly I was black. http://t.co/ipYZZLQpiq

@250ok you guys are amazing to work with, helping us resolve our @yahoo email delay issues! Big shout out to our rep Michael!

@heroku broken for me or for everyone https://t.co/8hoEZqpX0v cling @herokustatus

Left for work not once but twice without my laptop. It&#39s going to be a good day I can tell.

Thanks to @Namecheap for the amazing customer service last week!


My desk this morning https://t.co/Jby7J8Go6W Thanks @joist Did I mention we are hiring? https://t.co/m2VOuUW31k

The only thing better than a wallet from @capsulewallets is the customer services from @capsulewallets!

I live for the deploys deploys deploys! https://t.co/Ijwox4Csvk

RT @shazow: Do you recruit with "we want someone like you—join us" rather than figuring out what the candidate needs? Having trouble hiring…

Using @joist to invoice @joist. #DogFood!

It&#39s amazing we get any work done at @joist at all. Did I mention we are hiring https://t.co/m2VOuVdDSS http://t.co/kK5wTpnkr4

RT @iamdevloper: Flexible hours* *you&#39ll need to be in for the 10am standup everyday

Post 3am deploy junkfood http://t.co/YOKtB7O2qM

@charge_spot First phones, the drones? http://t.co/yk3OzSdvRn

@BMO Please don’t confuse people that a fingerprint is a valid password. Glad I am with @RBC. You should know better https://t.co/StAehExEx1

From Social Networks To Market Networks http://t.co/B3lYR8pNzO via @techcrunch

RT @robertpeacock22: Weekends. https://t.co/6lDnthHxEG

RT @iamdevloper: "How to add breadcrumbs to a hamburger" http://t.co/uKL4zdoWqv

@robertpeacock22 @joist @techvibes ಠ_ಠ